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Leading the Way

Agile Impact Conference is a 2-day conference & workshop that will be held in Jakarta in 2020 with the theme “Inspire to Impact”, with in Collaboration with Amigo Summit.

Following the success of Agile Impact Conference in 2018 and Agile Indonesia Conference in 2017, we decide that we will focus the theme of this year conference on topics that are impactful on Indonesia business and IT ecosystem.

In this conference, we will take 4 main theme that is currently popular in Indonesia :









Amigo Innovation Summit is a DEMO DAY event. After a long journey of our start-ups validating their innovative ideas makin better company & better world, we gather them once every year to share their learning and spirit. We ask them to demo their results to critical stakeholders. We also invite fellow innovation fighters to join the movement!

“The Rise of the Game Changers”
Digital Transformation, is about changing people. Start-up chances will be soaring, by working with corporate. Digital economy is about joint Innovation.


"Now Open"


Hugo Messer

Hugo Messer has been building and managing teams around the world for over 10 years. He wrote 6 books about distributed teams. Based on his experience he helps other teams become better at (distributed) agile through training and coaching. He is a Certified Scrum Professional.

Fransiscus Kaurrany

Since Nov 2014, Fransiscus has focused more on helping Bank Central Asia to go through Agile Transformation, and developing people to be more happy, creative, innovative and positively productive.

Dharma Syahputra

Dharma has been working for delivering value of people strategy to lay a foundation and accelerate transformation of 2 telco giants in Indonesia toward their digital transformation into digital telco enterprise.


  • Guillaume Duquesnay

    A senior Agile/Kanban Coach, with over 20 years of IT experience, Sanjay helps organizations learn and transition to Agile in an evolutionary/low-impact manner that aims to bring quick results while maintaining high motivation and low resistance.

    Senior Agile | Kanban Coach

  • Fachdian Ian

    Experienced Project Manager & Scrum Master with a demonstrated history of working in the retail industry. Skilled in Scrum, Management, & Analytical Skills . Strong human resources professional with a S1 focused in Computer Science from UPN Veteran Jakarta.

    Scrum Master at Home Credit Indonesia

  • Meiko Tourista

    Meiko Tourista is the Chairman and Co-Founder of Business Agility Institute Indonesia Chapter. Besides being Business Agility Coach and Agile Facilitator (ICAgile certified), he is also a professional coach for business and executives based on ICF and AC core competencies, certified trainer and consultant for change managment.

    Digital Transformation | Business Agility | Executive Coach |

  • Alinne Rosida Djumhana

    Alinne is a very dedicated and lateral thinker professional. Interested in proving new ideas are workable, and in light of what we are experiencing today, I believe that is what agility is all about.

    AgileHR | People and Organization | Executive Coach

  • Wahid Nurdin

    Wahid has more than 9 years experience in the IT world and has journeyed from being a system administrator, programmer, project manager, Scrum Master and now to Agile coach. He has a excellent technical understanding of IT and software, but is also strongly focused on business outcomes and the human side of Agile.

    Founder Spaceless.id

  • Anita

    Anita is Agile Champion Lead at Prudential Indonesia with Computer Science background and Project Management Professional certifications.

    Digital Transformation | Business Agility | Executive Coach |

  • Adityo Pratomo

    Technopreneur and developer. Adityo passionate about meaningful digital product, both as the user and the creator. CTO at Labtek Indie, where Adityo nurture the digital product R&D company, especially from the tech perspective.

    AgileHR | People and Organization | Executive Coach

  • Joddy Hernady

    He was appointed to this position in June 2016. He has responsibilities to develop digital strategy including establishing new digital products/businesses and orchestrating digital portfolio in Telkom Group. Currently, he also sits as a commissioner in PT. Metra Digital Investama, a corporate venture capital owned by TELKOM since July 2017 and member of supervisory board in Cellum Global, Telkom’s subsidiary in fintech based in Hungary since March 2018.

    Senior Vice President of Media and Digital Business Department at PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia

  • Ugeng WIjaya

    Ugeng is very passionate about agile. He is a certified Professional Scrum Master and certified Professional Product Owner, strong in agile software development and JIRA.

    Agile Coach at Ekipa

  • Muhammad Nazri

    Experienced Agile Coach with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Python, Artificial Intelligence, Agile Methodologies, Data Science, and Software Development. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Informatics from Diponegoro University.

    Lead Scrum Master at Telkom Indonesia

  • Aries Suswendi, MBA, PMP

    An experienced and well-educated leader with excellent track records in leadership, product and release management, project management and communication areas. Proven experience in leading and implementing effective technology and transformation projects to provide business values, profits and cost savings to organizations, including in educational, publishing retail franchise and insurance sectors.

    Experienced Technology and Business Leader | Professional Speaker

  • Dahm M. Hongchai

    Dahm Mongkol Hongchai is an Agile coach, a Scrum Master, and a business consultant with 5 years experience in high-tech and Startup industries in Silicon Valley, Thailand, and Australia. He is the first and only Thai to became a Licensed Scrum Trainer with Scrum Inc.

    ComPassionate Agile Humanist, Licensed Scrum Trainer of Scrum Inc

  • Nenny Soemawinata

    Ibu Nenny has presented at numerous conferences and has been interviewed for many business publications making her a great ambassador for the company as well as vendors whom she has worked with.

    Co-Founder & Managing Partner at The Transformation Institute

  • Sigit Hermansyah

    Mr. Sigit Hermansyah has been a Director of PT Astra Graphia Information Technology since 2013 and is in charge of Solution & Technology

    Director of Astra Graphia Information Technology



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